Recycle & Sew



Recycle & Sew

Sewing, dressmaking, pattern-cutting & soft furnishing. Group classes & private tuition.

I have been working in the clothing industry since the mid-70's. I started as a self-taught dressmaker, making alterations to garments and sewing clothes for friends and my family. As I began to get known as a dressmaker I decided to return to collage to learn pattern cutting. I studied at Chichester Art Collage for 3 years for a City and Guilds in pattern cutting and design. This led to a position with Zandra Rhodes in London, where I gained much experience. 

In the 80's I opened my own bridal shop, designing and making wedding dresses and formal wear. In the 90's I went to Solent University to study for a BA Hons in Fashion and Promotion and on completion was offered a teaching position at the University. Whilst teaching at Solent I studied for a Post Graduate Certificate in teaching and learning.

In 2007 I decided to start running sewing classes for individuals who wanted to sew for pleasure, while learning tips and tricks from the industry to achieve professional finishes. I also wanted to share my passion for making old into new - I began working in schools working with young students, showing them how to revamp out-of-date clothing into fun fashionable pieces.

I also wanted to engage with older people, who had family or work commitments, that prevented them accessing the more usual term-time type of class.

And so the  unique class structure of Recycle & Sew was born - providing a flexible learning environment, available to a wide group of people, where the students could learn or improve their sewing skills making clothes or soft- furnishings while meeting like-minded others and having fun!

So whether you sew like a pro or can’t thread a needle Recycle & Sew will help.